About Us

Kashmir Origin started with the mission to replace an unhealthy
lifestyle with a healthier one. Locally surrounded by organic farms,
pure produce and some of the most nutritious foods, we at Kashmir
Origin stepped into the pursuit of the best of Kashmir’s offerings and
assured to offer it to every individual who is in a dilemma of what is
healthy and what is not.

At Kashmir Origin, every customer is treated special. Hence, we never
forget to give you the most remarkable shopping experience, which
solves your daily needs of munching delectable, fresh and natural
foods, of course from the Lap of the Paradise Kashmir.

Our Story:

Four friends, working together in an organisation which worked close
to the grass root labourers and artisans, realized the plight of
Kashmiri farmers. It was at this time when they made up their mind to
help resolve the socio economic issues and worked their way up from
the grassroots.

Now, standing proud along with a group of 1000 farmers, Kashmir Origin
is on a mission to reform the way farmers work, improve their economic
condition by working directly with them, as well as make your eating
habits clean and give you the treasures of a healthy mind, body and