The massar is an embroidered wool turban which is worn tied neatly around the head. Some tie it over a Kuma to give the massar more structure. It is made in Kashmir, India and imported into Oman.  In Oman, men will cover their heads for prayer and many men will wear a headdress daily. Throughout the Muslim world, the prayer cap remains a prominent reminder of faith and the universal qualities of humility and respect. When people think of Islam, often their perception is limited to the headscarf worn by women, but in fact, in many conservative communities, men’s prayer caps are almost just as common. The difference from women’s head coverings is that the Quran does not obligate the use of men’s prayer caps. The prophet Mohammed and his followers wore prayer caps, so this tradition has been handed down over generations and has been adapted in unique ways into local cultures, producing a great variety of caps around the Islamic world. 

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