Organic White Honey


Organic White Honey 500gms
Dry Fruit Mix (400gms)
Dried Strawberries(400gms)
Dried Apricot (400 gms)
Kashmiri Almond kernel (400gms)
Walnut kernels half white (400gms)
Kashmiri saffron 3gms


Walnut kernels half white (400gms)
Kashmiri Saffron (5gms)
Kashmiri saffron 3gms
Kashmiri kagzi walnut (400 gms)


Kashmiri walnuts rich in protein, vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids, trace minerals, lecithin and oils are Great for your brain, hair and glowing skin.it Prevents heart disease and diabetes , Can keep dementia at bay and fight stress Kashmiri walnuts has Cancer prevention and Fighting Properties. it can Improve Reproductive Health in Men and Helps weight loss and Induces sleep. Brought directly by Kashmir origin from lush green walnut trees to your tables .


Dry Fruit Mix

Presenting a pack filled with rich Kashmiri walnuts, figs,berries, cashews, raisins and much more. Essentially to be taken as health booster. Our special pack is loaded with vital minerals and Omega-3 fatty acids. Dry fruit mix is consumed as a snack more often than for use in main dishes and desserts.Dried fruit is a great tasting snack. It may be tempting to indulge excessively, since it also has nutritional value.


Red Chilies

Kashmiri red chilies not only known for its hotness and aroma but also known for the rich culinary history.Spices of Kashmir is the soul of the valley of royal cuisines, which adds colour, flavor, aroma and taste. Kashmir origin red chilies are procured directly from the farms of Kashmir processed, then refined under proper supervision at every step and finally packed into a decent packing.The rich aroma of this Kashmiri spice intensify the richness of dish. As they say, you first eat with your eyes and nose and then with your mouth and tongue, Kashmiri Mirch makes any dish qualified for such divine food experience.Kashmir origin red chilies are additionally a decent supply of beneficial minerals.